Summary writing of the you tube video provided in the question.


A. Content:  Structure

                                 Descriptive Title

                              -Summary: XXX of YYY presented at SJSU leadership conference on ZZZ, 2019…

                              -Body of presentation:  (Support the Summary)

                              -Conclusion:  The presentation was interesting and useful based on …..

B. Use Tech Writing Grammar:  

                               a. Word Count (be concise)

                                b. Underline all topic sentences in all paragraphs:  Checked

                                c. No personal pronouns: Checked

                                d. No passive voice

                                e. No use of “very”

                                f.   All paragraphs properly structured (topic, supporting, conclusion sentences)

Link:  Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium Oct 14, 2021 – YouTube 

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