Barnacle cleaners case study | AD605 | Boston University


Case Questions:

1. List up to six important assumption required to apply the M/M/s queueing model at Barnacle Cleaners for evaluating the two alternative presented in this analysis. For each assumption, write 1-2 sentences explaining why it is a valid assumption.

2. Calculate arrival rates and service rates for each timeframe, covering each alterative to be considered. Include Option 1 (common line), Option 2 (with alterations line and without alternations line).

3. Perform an analysis using the M/M/s queuing model by evaluating each of the two options, over the three time periods. Experiment with different numbers of servers and observe the balance of service costs (i.e., number of servers, required expertise, etc.) and customer service (i.e., waiting time, queue size, etc.). Turn in an Excel file with the analysis details (clearly labelled).

4. For each option (common line and segmented line), complete the following table showing your recommended number of servers for each time period. State the criteria you used to make these choices and justify your recommendations. Turn in an Excel file with the analysis details, for a few scenarios (not necessary all analyses, clearly labelled).

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